I took out an R9 5-iron, took a nice, easy swing, and watched the ball land about five yards over the green. As expected, I preferred the M1 with less offset, slightly smaller sole and a smoother finish. But TaylorMade is notorious for not replying to emails. The R9 irons are remarkably different and quite striking. Are these things that cheaply built? I love the feel, so I was excited for these. Just to be a little more graphic, here is a summary of my results.

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Give them a call, and immediately ask to speak to someone in charge, or a supervisor. The stock shaft is the KBS 90 gram which should be even more stable and give a tighter dispersion. Before the rise of the cavity back, a round of golf for the vast majority of players was several hours of finger numbing thins and miss-hits that barely coughed past the ladies tees.

They are chunky, lumpy things with poor workability. The 6- 7- and 8-irons all seemed to travel slightly farther than normal but at least the ball was landing on the back side of the green. Distance — Not as long as the Burner irons, but few things are.

The Velocity Control Chamber boosts ball speed and consistency, while the bevelled sole helps nip the ball off tight lies with ease. Why not make the standard set 4-GW? Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


TaylorMade R9 Iron Review (Clubs, Hot Topics, Review) – The Sand Trap

Jason, are you still looking at selling these? Thank you Taylormade and great review!!! But what is achieved is about 7- 10 yards more per club. Using that as their foundation, the new R9 irons long and mid irons were designed separately from the short irons to optimize performance in each club. They are an oversized club that has feel. They are very attractive gold a very fun iron.

Today’s Golfer

There are three unique models in the Tour World line, each with slight variations in loft and head shape that are designed to fit the specific needs of forged-iron users. What will be the difference between these clubs and 09 Burners? His worst swing of the day came with the R9 and the result was still respectable.

And with these clubs, my expectations were high, very high. Are these things that cheaply built? As you would expect the trajectory was a little higher than the TP irons thanks to the weight in the sole being a little further back and we should commend TaylorMade on hiding this from you at address. As has been the case since, News 1 month ago.

Overall Very few irons have come across the THP offices and been almost unanimously liked. They not only understand the technology used in the latest golf equipment, but they also test new clubs extensively.


I am in love. One other note was that the M2 had a clicky feel at impact.

Taylormade R9 Irons Review

Tried them with stiff shaft and hate them. I find it easier to set up and align clubs taylormase less offset, so I like this a lot. While the spin looks a little low, on the course I had no issues stopping the ball on approach shots. KBS shafts are one of the hottest shafts on the planet right now.

Very smooth, balanced, and a nice sound. I had hit both the M1 and M2 g9 last year during a fitting day, but did not like either. GolfWRX Forum Members sign up to test the latest and greatest products in golf, and then they provide in-depth reviews on the equipment.

Blair Chaney Apr 30, at 4: Also the G15s have a higher balloon trajectory, where the R9s have a little more penetrating trajectory. The M1 gave me more feedback as to where the club head was in relation to my swing plane.