A good buy and highly recommended! At this time use the swash plate leveler and slide the swashplate up and down and watch all three corners to ensure they all move together perfectly. Originally Posted by squeky The bubble level on the paddles is for mixing out interactions. Originally Posted by jgalen The first thing that you do is use the fbm software to center servos and then mechanically level with links. Thanks for all your help guys!

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I use one of these, works for me.

Originally Posted by squeky. Give it a try, move the collective stick on the radio to full low and see if the swashplate is still level.

I know my Blade ‘s swashplate is setup better then it ever has been. This is a fairly uncommon configuration but some larger scale RC helicopter mechanics such as Vario use it.

I wouldn’t mind social media so much if it didn’t involve people. This gives more consistent speed interactions between all 3 CCPM servos and reduces small amounts of variation. The zip tie method just does not seem accurate enough for me I surely would have given up on this hobby without you! Today I flew my Mini Titan that I had just completely rebuilt since crashing it quite badly last weekend!

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The first thing that you do is use the fbm software to center servos and then swasplate level with links. I knew there had to be a better way and after searching the internet high and low, found your e-book. I should point out that this variation gets worse at the extreme ends of swashplate travel and for most of us average fliers is totally and completely undetectable.


HK-500/Trex 500 Flybarless DFC Swashplate

Page 1 of 2. I grew up on mechanical swash mixing and never realized just how much different electronic mixing is and how important the programming is. Keep up the great work, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time on your website since, and it’s so nice to find a site that is so rich in information.

Get all three servos moving the same direction by moving the throttle servo and they all mix the same direction. You have made it so much easier, cannot believe how long I stumbled in the dark, so much clearer now, have a few trex helis and all fly so well now.

What exactly is CCPM on RC Helicopters

If its plus 12 and negative 14 then the swashplate is not in the center fflybarless the main shaft and you will have to adjust so it is. Use a real email address or you will not be granted access to the site. Once again, thank you for the well put together literature. Until eCCPM came around, we only called our mixing method mechanical. Keep all this swashplatd mind when you are getting your Helicopter or Radio.


Not just because all the linkages are gone, but also because the total collective workload is now shared by the three CCPM servos.

How to Setup Flybarless System on Heli’s – Bridgerland R/C Club

This is another odd-ball that is rarely seen, but it does exist. This is the standard default setting for most if not all mechanical mixing swashplate types.

Friendly personal support should you need it. This of course simplifies the helicopter, reduces the number of parts, weight, and cost. Many thanks for your efforts and please keep going.

I really do not like the idea of just letting the FBL gyro unit “compensate” for it as others have mentioned. After reading the ebooks I feel i have gained a wealth of info that nobody else wanted to part with.

HK-500 Flybarless DFC Rotor Head Assembly (without swashplate and blade grips)

If you do have to adjust ensure that the blades are at 0 pitch at 50 on the throttle. Quantity This product is not sold individually. Insert allen wrench into blade grip hole where the blade-retaining screw usually goes and adjust head linkage until flybalress tail of the allen wrench lines up with the main shaft.