This simple system has all the advantages of a full blown system, but without the complexity of wiring and mapping. With the loom still connected to the injector, switch the ignition on without cranking the engine and check that no light activates. If the previous fixed pressure switch signal is replaced by a signal which will vary proportionally with either the pressure or the actual air intake. We put everything including the battery in the right side of the trunk to offset the driver’s weight and help balance the front heavy EVO. Instruction manual A page comprehensively-written instruction manual discusses every aspect of the MF2 in great detail, including over 20 schematic diagrams and illustrations.

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Check local laws before adding turbo components.

ERL MF2 5th injector

Reinstate the MAP sensor pipe to the original place. Release the pressure of the hand pump and the lamp should go off. This was chosen for its easy access when tuning. If these conditions persist, piston crowns can melt and cause engine failure. This pump is specially designed by ERL for water injection.

When installing System1s water injection system page 18 the simple water injection system, the trip-in point of the pressure egl for this application should mappbale just below the maximum boost pressure so consumption of water is relatively low. An fm2 5A fuse must be incorporated as there is no short circuit protection circuitry on the injector driver transistor. Permissible injector connection cofigurations. These instructions must be read and fully understood before beginning. Stay tuned, next we will do a little mff2 with our tuning to see if we can get a significant power boost with the water system.


Please give a copy of these instructions to your customer. The ER can utilise these signals to form a 3-D fuel curve similar to that of the original management system.

Mf2 Injector Driver – game-diva

Further increasing the enrichment potentiometer will not have any jf2 effect on the brightness. Knock detection Engine knock is a general term describing abnormal combustion phenomenon; it produces a sharp metallic noise audible to the human ear.

The user can easily adjust the fluid volume delivery by turning two screws, one for onset boost pressure and the second for final boost pressure. If the unit is installed into a fuel injected engine, signals from the existing pressure related or air flow sensors can be used to form a 3-D mapping system.

Variation4 – MF2 and Hotwire airflow sensor 3-D mapping only This entails the same connection configuration as the MAP sensor except the input pressure threshold and the input gain mappagle have to be recalibrated.

The green LED should light up fully immediately. The RPM sites are already effectively dealt with on the 2-D map giving 8 locations to match the volumetric efficiency of the engine.

If the previous fixed pressure switch signal is replaced by a signal which will vary proportionally with either the pressure or the actual air intake. Add to Watch list.

Fast forward to now. This product produces high voltages. ERL will assist any user regarding how this system can best be utilised for their particular application if you would like to contact us. The AEM gauge will actually tell you in real time what your flow rate is. SYSTEM 2s A fully-mappable water-injection system, pre-pressurized system, equipped with diagnostic circuitry, able to detect blocked water-jet and abnormal operation problems. Make sure the jet is removed from the engine.


This installation takes full advantage of the specific heat and latent heat of water. Email to friends Share on Facebook – opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest – opens in a new window or tab.

This sucker made just over whp on pump gas with water injection and whp period.

FOR SALE: MF2 mappable injector driver – Honda-Tech – Honda Forum Discussion

Sign in for mappablle lists. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab Postage: A modified road car occasionally suffers from detonation problems because the simplest way to gain power is to increase the boost pressure, sometimes without modifying the fueling and ignition curves.

We also had a wonky O2 sensor that was contaminated while running race gas during a tuning session.