You can fix this by purchasing a Bluetooth adapter. No, but it is recommended. To do so, you’ll typically flip the mouse over and remove a tray on the bottom, though some mice instead have their batteries in a compartment in the back of the mouse. Open the Apple menu. If you don’t see your mouse’s name, your Windows 7 computer might not support Bluetooth. Computer Mouse Devices Wireless Technology.

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Not Helpful 16 Helpful Consult the user manual to find out if your mouse has a pairing button and where it keyboad located. Thank you for your feedback!

It’s in the top-left side of the Devices and Printers window. The mouse will come with a USB plug-in adapter.

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Doing so will enable your Mac’s Bluetooth, at which point you can connect your mouse. Simply plug the USB adapter into the computer and the mouse should be connected if it has batteries.

They all stop working eventually. This option is in the lower-right corner of the window.

There are two types of wireless mouse: Not Helpful 6 Helpful It depends on the surface you will be using your mouse. Tips You may see a blinking light on your mouse when it is in “pairing” mode.


It’s near the bottom-left corner of the Start window. Article Summary X 1. If your mouse doesn’t start moving, try turning it off and then back on. You can fix this by purchasing a Bluetooth adapter. Not Helpful 7 Helpful Wait for the mouse’s name to appear. Warnings Always turn off your mouse and your computer’s Bluetooth when you’re done using them.

If your laptop is not Bluetooth-enabled, you will not be able to use that mouse. Cookies make wikiHow better. Once it completes, you should be able to move the on-screen cursor with your mouse. The battery compartment is also usually on the underside of the mouse.

Plug in your mouse’s receiver. Where is the connect button on a laptop for a wireless mouse when there is no USB key?

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Other than the cost of the mouse, you can install a wireless mouse wirelezs yourself and at no cost. Press the ‘Pairing’ button on your mouse. It should appear in the window here. Try restarting your computer.


Plugging in the receiver before turning on the mouse will allow your computer to install any drivers or software needed to use the mouse. After a few seconds, you should see the mouse show up in the “Bluetooth” window. Some wireless devices need a program to be used.

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wireelss If you don’t see this option, type devices and printers into the “Search” field at the bottom of the Start window, then click Devices and Printers when it appears. If you’ve done all this and it doesn’t work, it’s just time to replace your mouse. Doing so will add your mouse to your computer’s Devices list, and you’ll be able to use it without re-pairing it from then on.