Core i5 U 7. Carrizo has issues as well GPU load of up to 70 percent , but can at least provide smooth playback — advantage for AMD. Integrated GPU performance for graphics. Almost two months after the official announcement of the AMD “Carrizo” APU, the first models are now available — time to check the performance and efficiency promises of the manufacturer. AMD scored higher in a quite a few categories in the CPU bosses review, but lower on some of the bench marks. Arkham Knight 9 8 fps. Is Carrizo a success against Intel’s overwhelming market share?

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Radeon R6 A10-8700P

We use two static gaming scenes to see if Carrizo is affected as well. HD iU; Single-Channel. Start after 5 minutes after 60 minutes. Best Displaysfor University Students.

That negative score on the Face Detection benchmark is affecting the overall rating. Benchmark results show that A10 is better in both single and multi-core performance.

Is the AMD R7 good for gaming at p? Core i5 U n. Since I read this only after typing out my answer I find it ideal to just provide the link: You can see raceon the clocks at the beginning can be maintained pretty well over longer periods: Core i5 U 7.


CPU Multi 64Bit sort by value.

Fadeon is not enough to compete with the Core i5 models or higher, but they also have a much higher price. If there is a difference its hardly worth noting. After a short overview about the architecture, model lineup and review unit, we want to have a closer look at the processor and graphics performance as well as the multimedia abilities of the chip.

Carrizo in Review: How does AMD’s A10-8700P Perform?

Thank you for your feedback! Many processors, especially the ULV models, can increase their TDP for a short while to compensate individual peak load and provide a smoother user experience. We evaluate whether the new generation can compete against Intel’s Broadwell architecture. Review Differences Benchmarks Specifications Comments.

This is obviously written rdaeon a bias toward intel. Reasons to buy the Intel Core i5 U Much newer manufacturing process 14 nm.

More than minimum details are not possible in current titles — but you can expect at least medium settings and x pixels if you only play classics like Counter-Strike: This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy. A10 6th Gen AP n. Independent journalism is made possible by advertising. If you wish to game on low or medium settings then it is fine else, better look elsewhere.


Intel Core i5 U vs AMD A10 6th Gen AP

However, we want to focus on the Carrizo APU in this article, so we enforced the use of the processor graphics for all applications in the Catalyst Control Center. Is Amazon actually giving you the best price? Pass 2 sort by value. Ask New Question Sign In. A minimum idle consumption of just 4.

Individual core benchmark performance.

Advanced Warfare Carrizo is the first x86 processor or first x86 APU, respectively, with an integrated video dadeon that can also decode the current H.

Combination of all six facets. The matte Full HD panel and the additional dedicated graphics card are pretty rare in this price range as well.